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What makes an estate agent bad? There’s a lot of animosity for estate agents – they’re constantly appearing in ‘most hated professions’ lists because of bad practices that negatively impact the experience of their customers.


Lack of communication is one of the top complaints made about bad estate agents. Selling or buying a house is an enormous financial and emotional commitment, so clients want to feel as though they’re being supported throughout the process. As well as this, customers sometimes feel as though their estate agents don’t have a good enough knowledge of the market place, and there are endless complaints over properties being overvalued. It’s in the interest of estate agents to sell your home for the highest price possible so that they can take the most commission from the sale. With that in mind, a good estate agent should have your best interests at the front of their mind – not how much commission they’re going to make.

Benefits of Online Estate Agents

A major obstacle in communicating well with customers is related to the amount of time that an estate agent spends in the office – however, with traditional estate agents spending a considerable amount of time driving around conducting viewings, they are perhaps less able to provide prompt responses. At SellMyHome, our vendors conduct their own viewings so we don’t have to spend time driving around the country, and you can be sure that we’ll always be on hand to answer any queries.


One of the most important tools in the initial steps of selling a property is the photographs used in the listings. With so many people using internet portals as their primary port of call to find their next home, the first impression they get from the images on the listings are fundamental in whether they will choose to view the house in person. Having bad photos from estate agents using point-and-click cameras can dramatically impact the amount of viewings a house will take, which in turn can negatively affect the speed and price that a house is sold for.

At SellMyHome we’ve worked hard to find out what customers think makes an estate agent bad, so we can provide them with a better service. Each of our vendors have a dedicated account manager on hand at all times to guide them through the selling process, and ensure we’re giving them a personalised and efficient service.

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