How to hold successful open house viewings

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If you’re selling your home and there’s a lot of interest from potential buyers you may want to hold an open house.

Open house viewings invite the public to view your home on a specific day rather than scheduling them over a longer period. It’s a great way of conducting a lot of viewings at once as well as making the potential buyers aware that there’s a lot of interest in your property.

Preparing your home

Clean and Tidy

Before holding open house viewings, it’s a great idea to give your home a good clean and tidy - you want your property to be looking its very best when you’ve got prospective buyers looking around. Viewers want to be able to see themselves living in the property, so it’s worth putting away personal family photos and keepsakes that are on display throughout your house.

Local Knowledge

The viewers may want to ask you some questions, so it’s good to have local knowledge that you think might be useful for a potential buyer to know – tell the viewers about the transport links, local schools and catchment areas as well as local amenities like shops, cafes and pubs.

A bit of space

When the viewers are looking around the house it’s worth giving them some space to wander around in their own time so they don’t feel rushed or under pressure.

Information Packs

Be available for questions and have some information packs prepared. These don’t have to be beautifully designed, they just need to be something to remind buyers (who are probably visiting multiple properties that day) of your home and why it is the one they should buy.

Open houses can be seen as stressful but they really don't need to be! Your estate agent will have pre-qualified all of the prospective buyers and they may even highlighted one or two they think are very keen on the property. If you are expecting a large number of people to attend you can always ask a few friends to help out. Remember the key rule though that buyers will need space so don’t crowd the property!

Be warm, welcoming and prepared for any questions you think viewers may ask, and you’ll hold a successful open house.

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