One of the most important aspects to successfully selling your house is holding a good house viewing and preparing your house so it looks its best for potential buyers. Our vendors conduct their own viewings, but we’ll provide you with any advice that you need to help you carry out a great viewing.

If your house is looking a bit cluttered, it’s a great time to give it a thorough spring-clean. Throw away anything that’s unnecessarily taking up space. It’ll also help the make the removal process easier once you’ve sold your house!

They key part of preparing your home for sale is making it look like somewhere your viewers can see themselves living - that means putting away personal items, like family photographs and holiday souvenirs. You want to give your potential buyers a blank slate so they can imagine what it’d look like if they were living there. If you’ve favoured brightly coloured walls or garish curtains, it might be worth redecorating it with something a bit more universal and neutral, as opposed to something that may be a very personal taste.

You want your house to be looking its very best, let viewers see it in their best light, so ensure that it is clean and tidy, and maybe consider getting a friend to look after your pets so they’re not getting under the feet of your potential buyers. If it’s convenient, try and arrange viewings for a time when the sun’s still out – and you can open up the windows and curtains to let in natural light.

Your potential buyers will likely be interested in how much storage space your property has to offer so make sure your wardrobes aren’t bursting at the seams.

Have clear in your mind what the purpose of each room is – so if you’re using a spare room as a storage/dumping room, consider clearing it out and bringing in a bed so you can market it as a spare bedroom.

We’re always on hand to give advice on how to prepare your home for a sale, so if you want to chat to one of the members of our team, just give us a call on 0203 44 12345.

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