10 Iconic Houses Seen in the Movies

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A great movie doesn’t simply require captivating characters and a gripping plot. The setting also plays a key role in the success of a movie. With this in mind, here are 10 of the most iconic movie mansions.


Arguably one of the best old school horror films of all time, the Psycho house is etched firmly in the mind of every horror fan. The Psycho house and the Bates Motel was created at the back of Universal Studios especially for the production of the film and are now two of the most visited attractions in Hollywood. This masterpiece has been renovated and rebuilt over the years in efforts to preserve its iconic shell.

Bates Motel

The Holiday

The quaint and cosy cottage featured in The Holiday can’t fail to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. The country cottage is home to Kate Winslet in the hit chic flick The Holiday but soon becomes the setting for a house swap when she meets Cameron Diaz online. The cottage embodies everything about the British countryside complete with a roaring fire and a roll top bath.

The Notebook

The house that Noah built features in one of the most memorable scenes in the movie between Ryan Gosling and Rachael McAdams. Located on Wadmalaw Island in South Carolina, the property dates back to 1972. Rather than use a run down house to show its transformation; the film crew made the house look old for scenes at the beginning of the movie. A labour of love, Noah’s Father helps him buy the property and he refurbishes it from the ground up.

Home Alone

The Home Alone house is perhaps one of the most well recognised movie mansions of all time. Located in Illinois, this majestic red brick property is where all of the action happens as Kevin fends off burglars who realise he is home alone. The exterior of this iconic house may look the same 20 years on but the inside has been revamped to remove any traces of the original décor. The house sold in 2012 fetching $1.595milion.

Home Alone

Amityville Horror

The haunted house that terrorised a newlywed couple and their child is located on 108 Ocean Drive in Amityville and is perhaps one of the most famous haunted houses in movie history. The exterior was used in the filming of the original Amityville Horror movie. The owners put it on the market back in 2012 at a reduced price but insisted a separation rather than evil spirits was their motive.

Amityville House

Marley and Me

The beautiful stone farmhouse featured in the filming of Marley and Me is located in Pennsylvania. Sitting on almost 16 acres of land, it is no surprise that this impressive property was listed on the market for a cool $1.45million.

Father of The Bride

The white colonial mansion was the setting for one of the most extravagant weddings in movie history. The property also featured in Father of the Bride part 2 and went on the market for $1.35million. Built in 1925, the impressive movie mansion features five bedrooms and four bathrooms over two stories. The iconic back yard complete with a basketball ring where Father of the Bride George Banks used to shoot hoops with his daughter belonged to a completely different home.

Father of the Bridge house


Whether you fall under the Team Edward or Team Jacob category, the Cullen residence is instantly recognizable. The house is based in West Vancouver and was originally designed for Nike executive John Hoke before it was featured in the filming of New Moon. This angular building is the setting for Bella’s first meeting with the Cullen family and is crafted from a contemporary mix of glass, wood and concrete.


Who could forget the picturesque pastel coloured house featured in the hit animated movie UP? Unlike the rest of the movie mansions we have previously mentioned, this house was created after the movie was made. Unlike the movie version, this house doesn’t look like it will be floating off anywhere soon.

Practical Magic

The grand white Victorian house played such a pivotal role in so many scenes in Practical Magic they decided to create this house especially for the movie. The house was built in Washington State even though the film is set in New England. Like the Psycho house, this impressive building was just a shell created for the purpose of filming and was torn down shortly after.

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