5 IKEA Items You Didn’t Think You Needed

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You've used an online estate agent and now you're moving into your new home, the next thing on your mind may possibly be furniture. A new home is a great reason to upgrade your worn sofa or replace the chest of drawers that predates decimalisation, which is lovely. But we’ve found a few items that may inspire you to be a little more inventive around the home. We’ve even translated their product names into English for you.

  1. RIBBA

Translated: Quirky addition to picture frame that serves no purpose other than to make a picture look a bit more fantastic.


Things that tend to stay with you wherever you move are pictures of family or just great pieces of art. This little LED lighting addition is great for placing emphasis on these things and can make a room feel all the more cozy when the lights are dimmed.


Translated: Bedroom accessory for those with body parts they don’t want anybody to see.


For those who like a little extra privacy, this divider lets you create a small private area in the room for changing. Also, it’s a handy room divider for bigger bedrooms that costs very little and is very easy to keep clean.


Translated: An alternative to standing on and breaking/falling of a chair onto the cat.


This product is for those situations where in their infinite wisdom, your partner put the beans on the top shelf and you’re hungry. To make matters worse, despite eating your vegetables as a child you’re still 5 foot 5 inches tall. This is the perfect addition to your kitchen.


Translated: Cable tidy box that makes your maze of phone chargers and AC adaptors look a little less like an accident waiting to happen.


Despite wireless technology being more and more amazing each year, your devices still need the less magical wire and plug to recharge. Tuck everything away in your KVISSLE and the minimalistic design of the room is preserved! Fantastic for a home office too.


Translated: The mac daddy of breakfast-in-bed.


The image on IKEA’s website doesn’t do this item justice. It goes over the bed and with the castors (provided) it can be moved along the length of the bed as and when you need it. If you’ve ever seen those tables they use on hospital beds and wondered why they aren’t a standard feature on beds in general, this item is for you.

A little extra for true IKEA fans…

If you’ve ever wondered where the names of the products come from, this article in reveals* all (opens in new window). Only a few are Swedish translations.

* link: http://www.businessinsider.com/meaning-of-ikea-product-names-2013-11

Ikea will we survive cartoon

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