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Moving from rented accommodation to a home that you own may seem like you’re just moving from one house to another, but in reality you’re moving to a building that you can really and truly make your own.

Having rented a property in the past you may have had the pleasure of landlord visits, renewing of contracts, asking for permission to paint the dining room etc. Now that you’re the one paying the mortgage, you’re now the king (or queen) of the castle.

1. Decorate to your heart’s content

It’s time to get to B&Q because the freedom to make your new home look exactly how you want it has just begun. You’re at liberty to buy wallpaper that doesn’t require approval, install ceiling fans and replace the taps in the kitchen for no reason whatsoever. Of course we recommend you spend wisely but the possibilities are endless. If you've used Sell My Home as your online estate agent for the previous property you were in then you should have made some pretty significant financial savings; now's the time to spend some of them!

2. Remodel the garden

A garden is a fantastic place for the summer months but there’s no one-size-fits-all garden layout. Some people appreciate water features and others enjoy simple plant arrangements surrounding a large lawn.

You’re free to move things around depending on your level of gardening commitment too which is handy as those who rent property and don’t enjoy gardening are still obliged to maintain a certain standard. If you’re looking to do as little as possible, you can create a very low maintenance garden, whereas in rented accommodation you can’t.

Having children or not will influence this decision too and their age will dictate the suitability of a garden layout. Unfenced ponds and inquisitive toddlers are not always compatible.

3. Changing the house layout

Although this sounds quite radical and many people won’t do this, it is a possibility subject to structural considerations. Conversely, putting a wall through in rented accommodation is likely to give your landlord a cardiac arrest.

4. Use your home as security against finance

Owning your home can make lenders think favourably of you. Securing loans against the family home is risky and you should always obtain professional advice before doing so. But it is an option that is available to you.

5. Inspections and audits are a thing of the past

Landlords need to perform inspections to ensure the property is being kept in a good state and in line with the tenancy agreement. Owning your home means this is a thing of the past.

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