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Kitchen ready for its viewing

If you’ve decided to take matters into your own hands and you're selling your home online privately without an agent, Will Clark, co-founder of Sellmyhome.co.uk and an ex-estate agent, gives his five top tips on arranging and conducting your viewings.

  1. Take up the reins of the estate agent; it’s up to you to respond to your viewing requests and queries in a professional and timely manner, we suggest leaving it no longer than 12 hours. Each and every viewing request might well lead to that all important sale so it’s important to get off on the right foot.
  2. De-clutter in good time; before any viewings commence spend time de-cluttering and making each room feel as light and airy as possible. Remove items from window sills and pull back the curtains to ensure every room is flooded with natural light.
  3. Perfect presentation; no room should be hidden or not attended to when it comes to presentation. Plump up those cushions and perhaps light an organic scented candle in the living room to create homely look and smell. At sellmyhome.co.uk we send all our vendors a bunch of fresh flowers, so make sure they are neatly arranged an on show either in the kitchen or a living area.
  4. Don’t rush; depending on the size of your house ensure you leave at least half an hour for every viewing and make it a priority not to seem in a rush. If there’s time perhaps offer your viewer a cup of tea and make them feel as at home and comfortable as possible. Any questions you’re not able to answer, tell the potential purchaser that you’ll get back to them on email as soon as possible.
  5. Do your homework; prepare the route of your viewing tour well in advance and perhaps have the floorplan and or brochure to hand to point out the main features. It might be worth practising a tour with a friend beforehand.

If you have any questions on viewings, negotiations or sales completion please contactwww.sellmyhome.co.uk on 0203 441 2345. It's important that you're entirely comfortable with this process so that you're able to sell your home privately in the proper manner.

We also have a handy set of video guides which take you through the process of selling your home on the internet with an online estate agent step by step.

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