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When you consider that there are around 1 million property sale transactions across the UK in a year, it’s pretty mind blowing to learn that around 666,000 of these customers (be it buyers or sellers) have had ‘problems’ with their estate agents.

When asked to list the problems in order respondents of the survey conducted by the NAEA these were the top thirteen:

  1. Bad communication – agent either chased too much or didn’t call
  2. Buyer or seller felt agent didn’t care about them
  3. Agent not revealing known property faults
  4. Agent making promises they could not keep
  5. Being too pressuring
  6. Exaggerating property description
  7. Over-pricing
  8. Dishonesty
  9. Agent not having all information required, such as Council Tax or service charges
  10. Not being able to contact the agent
  11. Agent forgetting who buyer or seller was
  12. Gazumping
  13. Agent providing wrong information

Although we find the figures shocking even for us, the list of complaints aren’t altogether surprising. The ‘Bad Communication’ problem is at the top of the list, but somehow seems the easiest to put right – why is it that agents seem not to be able to get the balance right? Here at Sellmyhome.co.uk we pride ourselves on our communciatons skills. Each and every vendor has a dedicated Account Manager who is on hand to provide them with a weekly update on how their property is performing online and give professional advise on how to move forward with the marketing strategy, managing viewings and offers and ultimately the progression of the all important sale. The team is available seven days a week should you need their assistance either on the phone or on email and are happy to answer any queries at any time – online estate agents like Sell My Home are actually pretty good at at talking too!

We believe that it is the simplicity and efficiency in how we sell your home online that really sets us apart from others.

We treat our buyers with exactly the same respect and often find ourselves advising them on their property search – in fact, our buyers often become our sellers as once they find a property through Sellmyhome.co.uk they are so impressed with the process and the savings available that they decide to sell through us.That’s exactly what’s happening on a chain in Godalming right this second!

If all vendors took control of their own property sales then we believe the above list would shrink into oblivion. A negative state of mind isn’t a healthy one so isn’t it time to stop complaining about estate agents and complain about things that are out of our control like The Tube Strike or why it is thatCadbury’s Cream Eggs are only sold a couple of times a year!

If you’d like to find out more about how the Sell My Home team can inject some positivity into your property sale please give us a ring to say hi on 0203 441 2345. We'd be delighted to chat about your house or flat.

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