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Based in Ladbroke Grove, in Kensington and Chelsea, Breakfast in Bed is that rare breed of company that does exactly what it says on the tin; brings you breakfast in bed. With a wide variety of breakfast options, from the healthy to the indulgent, Breakfast In Bed will even bring you your morning paper to enjoy on those rare relaxing mornings at home. #VillageLondon spoke to Breakfast In Bed co-founder, Jo Loxton, about how bringing a sense of relaxation to our busy London lives can make all the difference.

Tell us a bit about what you do?
We are a breakfast delivery company that delivers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and predominantly to the surrounding residential area. The hope is to make peoples' weekends easier and more pleasurable. We don't want to just appeal to those people who might be suffering from the night before with an unhealthy takeaway but more importantly those people who are active and lead busy lives, so that we can help them unwind a bit at the weekend. We deliver everything from the more indulgent side of things like pastries, bacon butties and coffees, right to the other end of the scale with things like juices, Quinoa boxes and salads. The hope is that we can cater to everyones' differing tastes.

How did it all start?
It started because myself and my business partner Max [Collingwood] both lived in the area and between the two of us realised there wasn't anywhere nearby offering what we wanted. There were a couple of cafes but they were looking a little run-down. Unless we ventured out to Portobello Market, where the prices are pretty astronomical, we saw there was a market to bring people what they wanted, directly to their home. With breakfast, you wake up and you're hungry, so its a little different to supper or lunch, where there tends to be a greater degree of planning involved. With breakfast you want to go and get on with your day. Both Max and I were commuting for our jobs and we both wanted something that would appeal to people like us and something that made life a little easier.

What Is your process?
We get our bread from a brilliant place called The Bread Factory and they deliver everything freshly baked in the morning. We source our fruit and vegetables from the New Covent Garden Market. We go there every Thursday and Friday morning to pick up a fresh batch of ingredients and that goes straight into our juices and breakfasts. We're currently in talks with a new meat supplier and are hoping to collaborate with The Ginger Pig, for our bacon to really hammer home the fresh, sustainable source of our ingredients. It gets pretty manic in our kitchen from the off. There's always someone calling as soon as we open at 8am and those orders don't stop coming until we close at 1pm. Our aim is to get peoples' breakfasts out the door as quickly as possible, within ten to fifteen minutes of the order coming in, and hopefully with you within 20 minutes of your order.

How is business?
Business is great. We are expanding our menu to really hone in on the delicious variety that we can offer our customers. We'll also be extending our opening times which I suppose is our first foray into lunchtime, but we will still be firmly creating breakfast dishes. After the summer we hope to be opening seven days a week. We've sacrificed our lie-ins so others can enjoy theirs.

Why Ladbroke Grove?
Having both lived in this area we both love it and it feels like home despite the fact we don't live here now. It's an interesting area with a lot of great things going on within a small radius. Kensal Rise, Notting Hill, Ladbroke Grove all have quite distinct personalities and it makes for always interesting, diverse deliveries for us.

Are you hoping to bring a sense of character to the area?
We've noticed a lot of new and interesting businesses springing up and we want to bring that independent, entrepreneurial spirit to the area. We want to change the way people think about food delivery. In America you order any meal you want. We had a lot of Americans telling us that everyone offers our service across the pond. It's not that we wanted to bring an American character over here but rather offer people a service to make things a little easier for them. Knowing people in the area we thought this service would make sense in this busy community. We're trying to get people to think differently about what a 'takeaway' is.

How do you feel about gentrification in the local area?
A lot of people want to think aspirationally; they want to live in Notting Hill and Ladbroke Grove. More people are pushing out to other areas like Willesden, Kensal Green, Queen's Park and we've seen a rise in independent businesses and local cafes springing up. Generally people are very busy which forms a more rounded working community who are moving in to these areas. There's more of a demand for people to get fresh healthy food. It's become more popular, particularly through delivery. As people's lives become busier, they're working longer hours, commuting a lot and it creates an appetite for an on-demand food business.

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