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As part of our research into the borough of Brent, we teamed up with Property Detective to find out the ten most family friendly streets in the borough.

We factored in which areas were close to outstanding schools, nurseries and childcare, had a good range of playgrounds and green spaces nearby, were popular with other families, and have good access to shops for children, chemists, maternity units and green spaces, and narrowed it down to the final 10.

1. Upton Gardens
2. Tiverton Road
3. Bryan Avenue
4. Carlton Avenue
5. Mount Pleasant Road
6. The Fairway
7. Staverton Road
8. Bengeworth Road
9. Beverley Gardens
10. Rose Croft Gardens

​Upton Gardens

The number one family friendly street in Brent, Upton Gardens is just a five minute walk from Kenton train station, which is serviced by the Bakerloo Line and the London Overground. It's also a short distance from lots of green space, such as Kenton Recreation Ground, Woodcock Park and Northwick Park. There are 10 Ofsted rated outstanding schools within 10 minutes driving distance from the road, and the well known Harrow School is only 7 minutes drive away.


The Index of Multiple Deprivation shows that although there is great disparity within Brent as a whole, the most family friendly streets fall in the less deprived parts of the the borough. With planned development around the Old Oak Common areas and Park Royal, the inequality between areas within the borough is expected to fall.

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