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‘How can I sell my house when it’s in need of so much work’? This is a common question which we hear many people ask. Once you’ve been living in your home for 5, 10 or even 15 years it’s natural for it not to look quite as lovely as when you first bought it. However, this shouldn’t fill you with dread when it comes to selling it. If anything, the opportunity for people to make your house their home can attract potential buyers even more!

If you’re thinking ‘selling my house in this state will be impossible’, you’re entirely wrong. Sell My Home online estate agents have no qualms selling homes that need a bit of work, and we have just as much success selling them as we do with homes that have been recently refurbished. Here we will give you an example of a home on the market that needs a bit of TLC. We’ll also inform you about how to make the most of your property if it could do with a bit of tender loving care.

Our most recent example of a home ‘in need of modernisation’ is this 3 bedroom home in Battersea SW11. Enormous numbers of buyers will find this a charming attribute and may even buy the property specifically because they know the asking price has not been artificially inflated due to swanky bathrooms and the like. Here’s how to sell your home if it would be classed by some as being ‘in need of modernisation’:

Our case study property is fortunate in the sense that Battersea is an area of London that is highly sought after. This combined with the fact the house has a great garden, means that demand for this property will be high even before people have seen the inside. However, regardless of your home’s location other touches help, such as ensuring it is clean and clutter free. Although none of your mess will be there when your buyers move in, all your bits and bobs lying around get in the way of them seeing how great a room is. Furthermore, if there are a few tatty corners here and there, additional debris will only make it seem like there is more work to be done than there really is.

Secondly, don’t try to pretend your property is something it’s not. If it’s old fashioned, don’t adorn it with tons of modern gadgets as this will only cause a clash, and more likely than not make it less attractive. Finally, make it homely - if your home is in need of work, that’s probably because it’s been well lived in, and loved. Capitalise on this by making it as homely as you can, not by over-packing the sofa with cushions and throws but by including simple touches like warm lighting and photos. Buyers will see how you’ve made this house your home and will see the potential for them to do the same. In contrast to a spick and span but slightly soulless modernised place, your property has character – an underestimated selling point.

So, you’ll be pleased to know that Sell My Home would still love to help sell your home online for a great price, even if it’s in need of a bit of work.

Image from Walter Baxter. Copyrighted.

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