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Since we started SellMyHome in 2013 we have spent a lot of time perfecting our service. At the start of this year we decided that the best way to improve our service was by asking our customers, our leads and the general public what they wanted and for some great examples of exemplary customer service. This research has enabled us to put our customers at the very heart of our business. It has ensured our decision-making process is really simple: what would our customers want us to do?

It’s been a lot of fun, spending far more time than we used to talking to our past customers and past buyers about how everything went. We’ve learned so much and reconnected with so many of our old customers over the last 10 months. We will definitely be continuing this approach as there is always room for improvement. We aren’t quite at the marginal gains point yet but we’re getting there.

The most important thing for us when we embarked on this project was to put the customer at the centre of our business and then work outwards to what that meant to us.

We decided that the three structures to support our customers were our people, our culture and our processes:

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​Our People:

We have trained all of our customer-facing staff to be either NAEA Level 3 (National Association of Estate Agents) qualified or to be in the process of taking their exams. We think it is vital that our account managers, buyer managers and the rest of the customer service team are knowledgeable and informed on best practices within our industry. There can be no short cuts when it comes to training and no excuses for not constantly improving when you are selling somebody's most valuable asset.

Our Culture

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We have daily meetings where someone from one of the teams will do a short talk about how something we learnt from a customer has impacted how they do their work. It might be somebody from the marketing team, the buyer management team or one of the account managers. With everyone listening and learning we are fostering a culture of sharing and real pride in what we do.

Our Processes:

We are constantly investing in our technology to make sure that all of our processes are as intuitive and responsive as possible. We are currently undertaking an overhaul of our buyer platform to make it easier to provide feedback for our customers.

Our efforts over the last two years have finally been recognised and we have been nominated for the Best Customer Service category at the Estate Agency of the Year Awards sponsored by Zoopla and The Times. It is a testament to the hard work of the entire team and a wonderful feeling to know that the efforts and pain along the way have all been worth it. Fingers are firmly crossed for the judging to see if we can take home the big prize.

For now though, we are more than happy just hearing the great feedback from our customers and reading their lovely reviews.

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