Drink, Shop & Do: we wanted a fun space where Londoners could escape the monotony of adult life

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Drink, Shop & Do

Located in the heart of London's King's Cross, Drink Shop & Do is a quirky haven for coffee, shopping and activities. Selling products from independent designers, as well as morphing into a club at night, the venue prides itself on offering something unique to entertain their customers. Featuring evening amusement such as 'Lionel Richtea' (decorating a Rich Tea biscuit with Lionel Richie's face, obviously), and 'Play With Clay Robin Williams Style' (making a clay model of Robin Williams, from the film of your choice), Drink, Shop & Do is injecting the area with a variety of idiosyncratic means of entertainment.

Tell us a bit about what you do.
Drink, Shop & Do is a cafe by day, bar by night, with fun things to DO! This could be anything from dancing at the weekend to guzzling cocktails while fighting killer Lego robots, making nipple tassels while tucking into cake, or simply ice Lionel Richie's luscious locks on to a biscuit.

How did it all start?
We [Kristie Bishop and Coralie Sleap], co-founded Drink, Shop & Do in 2010, and created it to provide a fun space in which Londoners could escape the monotony of adult life. Drink, Shop & Do's abundance of fun and frivolity is drawn from our huge passions, inventive personalities and drinks and Arts backgrounds. We learnt very much on the job!

How is business?
Great! We are about to celebrate our 5th birthday this August (come in for our lucky dip!) and it's still going from strength to strength.

How is King's Cross and how has it played a role in the business?
We really saw the gap in the market with Kings Cross and knew that the area would just keep getting better and better so our business could keep on growing. When we first opened people very much travelled to us for the fun things we do or worked locally but now we get more and more people who just happen to be in the area or who live around here.

What made you choose the area?
Coralie has lived here for 12 years and knew the area had loads of cool people working here already that had nowhere to go and was only going to get better and better. When we found the beautiful old Victorian bath house we knew it was perfect!

Do you hope to bring even more of a sense of character to the area?
Yes definitely. Most of the seedy old KX has cleaned up now and although the new part has been done beautifully it doesn't feel quite as exciting as stumbling across our bright and colourful creative space in a slightly grittier road.

How do you feel about gentrification in the local area?
A little bit mixed but in general welcome to it; it has made Kings Cross a much friendlier place to visit! We just hope the independents will still survive now the big names are after all the property.

To find out more Drink, Shop & Do visit Drinkshopdo.com. FOLLOW Drink, Shop & Do onTwitter and Like them on facebook.com/drinkshopdo. Follow can follow them onInstagram too!

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