Estonia vs England

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House/Hotel in Kiviloo - €1,479,000

This impressive 20-roomed property was built in 1584 and is in the rural village of Kiviloo in Northern Estonia, 35km from the capital city of Tallinn.

With 12 apartments inside the property, it would lend itself to being turned into a hotel. It also comes with a sauna, a grand entrance room and picturesque grounds.

Detached house in Yorkshire - £1,000,000

For a similar price as Kilivoo’s offering, you could buy this 6 bedroom detached property in North Yorkshire. The house comes with an attached apartment, almost 4 acres of land and views over the picturesque Rye Valley.

Villa in Tallinn - €699,000

Located in Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, this four-bedroom villa is modern and spacious, letting in a lot of light with its glass façade overlooking the private courtyard. The property also has an internal courtyard and a large garage.

Apartment in London - £500,000

Similar in price to the four-bedroom Tallinn villa, you could buy this one bedroom, new build flat in Greenwich, London. The apartment has views over the River Thames and residents of the building get pre-release tickets for events on at the nearby O2 Arena!

Penthouse in Tallinn - €679,000

This penthouse in Tallinn features panoramic views of the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a major tourist attraction for the city, because of its well preserved medieval features. The property itself has three bedrooms, two bathrooms – one en-suite – and a sauna.

Penthouse in London - £2,990,000

This 3 bedroom penthouse in London costs almost £2.5million more than a 3 bedroom penthouse in Tallinn, but boasts river views, a swimming pool and gym as well as an impressive terrace that overlooks London.

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