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Henry Nash, Founder of and

At we love getting to know our vendors. Our aim is to tailor a bespoke service for each individual and as such our founders Henry and Will spend time getting to know each and every one of you.

Although the boys are extremely well versed in selling homes online we thought you might like to know a few little hidden secrets about them….just in case you want to test them on their football or James Bond knowledge!

Today we start with Henry….the creative mind behind and world champion dog whisperer!

Name: Henry Nomiddlename Nash

Occupation: Director / Founder at

Favourite James Bond Character and why: Vesper Lynd (Eva Green). She’s good with money, amongst other things.

When did your love affair with property start: When I bought my first flat in 2004. I managed to sell it privately a few years later and realised the potential for online agents.

What experience do you have in the property world: Just 10 years of obsessing how to improve the sales process. And an NAEA badge.

Which football team do you support: Arsenal. I’ve had to learn French as a result (that’s a lie)

Where in the world would you most like to buy a home and why: In the UK it has to be Bath. Overseas would definitely be St Barths. Maybe if I win the lottery.

What inspires you: Hearing and learning from other entrepreneurs. And my two dogs Brian and Stevie. Their stoic determination to be the most untrainable dogs on earth is inspirational.

Favourite restaurant and dish: The Commander in Notting Hill. Got to be their burger.

Celeb which you would most like to sell a home for and why: Jeremy Clarkson, because I’ve heard he’s thinking of selling so I’m hoping he might read this.

Top tip for aspiring vendors: Spend a bit of time preparing your home before putting it on the market. A lick of paint and de-cluttering any mess will go a long way to making it even more desirable to buyers.

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