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While mirrors may seem like a decoration afterthought at times, they can add a lot to a property by making a room see more spacious and light. Depending on the frame they can also transform the feel of a room into something more modern, ornate or classic – they’re more than just there to build your ego!

Wall Wonder Mirror - £199

This wall mirror, made from smoked oak and maple brings a unique and modern look, and also contributes to your storage collection with its additional shelves.

Wonder Mirror

Moroccan Bronze Mirror - £241

With its Moorish inspired design and stippled bronze frame, this elegant mirror promises to bring an Eastern feel to your home, and would compliment any room.

moroccan mirror

Mask Rhombus Coral Wall Mirror - £550

This striking mirror takes sharp edges and geometric design, this Southern Italian inspired coral coloured rhombus mirror is sure to add a modern edge to your home.

rhombus mirror

Bevel Simple Mirror - £130 - £250

As understated as can be, these simplistic and tasteful mirrors come in four different sizes so you’re sure to find something that will fit perfectly in your house.

simple mirror

Traditional Classic Mirror - £299

An epitome of classic design, this large gold mirror made from solid wood brings in subtle but ornate detailing and will not only will make the room feel bigger, but give it a old-fashioned look.

traditional mirror

Smoked Hexagon Mirror Set - £15

This small set of three hexagonal shaped mirrors would fit in with any minimalistic, modern room, managing to be striking whilst also unobtrusive, and would undoubtedly make an interesting addition to an otherwise bare wall.

hexagonal mirrors

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