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USB Typewriter

Modern technology can at times be a little sterile but there is always room in your home for that retro aesthetic; an iconic piece of design that harks back to a bygone era of cool. In the latest edition of Haus Tech we highlight some of the best-looking pieces of retro tech on the market.

USB Typewriter - £560

Rarely is writing on a touch-pad a satisfying experience but imagine if you could have the therapeutic tap, tap, PING, of a typewriter. The USB Typewriter have successfully conjured up this beautifully evocative feeling with there lovingly restored Underwood that can work with your iPad for that authentic writing experience.

Authentic Classical Themed Home Telephone System - £125

The telephone has come a long way since Alexander Graham Bell first invented it but that's not to say a bit of brushed copper and wood cannot bring a sense of old school charm. This telephone system allows you to plug in any number of phone devices meaning it can take centre stage on your work desk while making you look like a person of exquisite taste.

V-Luxe iPad Stand - £960

For those who like to watch all manner of entertainment streamed on their iPad, the V-Luxe iPad Stand brings a sense of '50s cool to your viewing experience. There's a neat little holder for low-profile speakers to be hidden away, while the bracket secures your iPad safely with access to the Home button for ease of use. It also comes in Mad Men era colours of walnut, mahogany and cherry.

Pyle Audio Bluetooth Classic Vinyl Record Turntable - £70

It's long been understood that vinyl sounds better than digital but with this turntable you can have the best of both worlds. Coming in a vibrant case with foldout speakers the Classic Vinyl can stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth from your iPod, while you can also play vinyl and digitise it to your music collection.

iCade - £40

iPad games are big sellers and there is nothing quite like playing one of your childhood favourites on a piece of new tech for that great sense of nostalgia. The iCade takes things that step further by allowing you to indulge in a little retro arcade action. It works with over 500 iPad games and comes with a free Atari Greatest Hits app to get you started on some Asteroids and Centipede action. No need to ask mum and dad for loose change with this particular incarnation.

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