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While we may be coming more inclined to check the time on our phones, there’s a lot to be said for the humble wall clock, especially when they’re not only useful, but also adding an aesthetically pleasing touch to your home as well.

Mr White Station Wall Clock - £49
This bright and modern clock is just the right amount of subtle and unobtrusive whilst being an example of understated design.

Miner Slate and Copper Wall Clock - £39
With the face made from slate rock, and the hands from copper, each one of these wall clocks is unique, as the rocks all have different textures, making it a perfect talking piece.

Cooper Stop Watch Wall Clock - £75
Inspired by the classic stop watch design, this copper wall clock would stand out in any home and bring a vintage inspired feel to it.

Wall Clock Couture - £65
With a simplistic face and gold outer ring, this is the perfect clock for a minimalist house, boasting a discrete but striking design.

Mini Silver Hands Wall Clock - £19.96
While maybe not the best clock to use to teach your kids how to tell the time, this understated clock is an incredibly modern way to make a statement.

Rosendahl PICTO Clock - £50
Modern, artistic and pleasingly simplistic, this clock, designed in 1984 by Rosendahl, features a rotating dot instead of an hour hand, and a more typical hand to represent the minutes.

Copper Stop Watch Wall Clock

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