Haus Tech: Green Haus

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Haus Tech: Green Haus

In this week's Haus Tech we've found a few ways to welcome some nature into our homes. Even if you've only got a small outdoor space, we've selected some products you can use to turn your house into a wildlife haven.

Eglu Go Up Chicken Coop - £299

Revolutionising the world of urban pet-keeping, Eglu are chicken houses designed to keep your feathery friends safe from foxes and popping out fresh eggs for your breakfast, while also keeping them warm in the winter, cool in the summer and giving them enough space to run around in.

Ingleside Pottery's Bird Feeder - £51.31

Handcrafted and incredibly contemporary looking, this bird porcelain bird feeder is the perfect feature for the garden - not only attracting wildlife, but also acting as a stylish and unique talking point.

Hot Pinks Kitchen Garden - £19.95

Espresso Mushroom sell 'kitchen garden boxes', containing coffee grounds collected from local cafes, that you can plant mushrooms in – with them taking their root in the coffee. Our favourites are the Hot Pink oyster mushrooms, huge bouquets of mushrooms that not only look amazing but taste great too.

Milk Carton Inspired Nestbox- £59.50

A true testament to eco-friendliness, this birdhouse is inspired by the design of the humble milk carton. It's made out of steel that's recycled from old washing machines and dishwashers, so you can welcome wildlife into your garden whilst also feeling smug about how sustainable your garden is.

Living Wall Planters - £76.49

Another sustainable way to bring some greenery into your home, this living wall planter is made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles, and can immediately transform a wall into a vertical garden. There's a range of different sizes being sold, with some incredible examples online of what can be achieved with the planters.

Urban Grow Mini Allotment Kit - £30

Containing a selection of seeds including carrots, peppers, mangetout, courgette, salad leaf,, lettuce, spring onion and radish, as well as compost, trays, pots and seed markers so you can remember what you've planted, this little kit is a gentle way to ease yourself into growing your own produce, even if a windowsill is the only space you've got to grow it.

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