Haus Tech: light house

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Liquid Lamp looking sharp

Need a little light in your life? Help is at hand in the latest Haus Tech, as take a look at these brilliantly innovative lights to brighten up your home.

The Cloud

There is something cleansing and therapeutic about a thunderstorm and while they may be a rarity at least with The Cloud you can simulate that sensation in your home. It generates a lightning-like display of sound and you can sync it to your music via Bluetooth and even tell it to flash to the rhythm to the beat.

Richard Clark - £1,950

Peel Wall Light

Smartly mounted to your wall, the Peel Wall Light gives the impression there is something ethereal lurking behind the wallpaper. Easily mountable to any wall, the power cable hangs discreetly so as not to give the magic away.

Japan Trend Shop - £288

40s Studio Floor Lamp

When you are ready for your close-up this Studio Lamp, originally designed to illuminate the faces of cinema's timeless icons, makes for an original and interesting light feature in your home. The fully adjustable legs enables you to light your home in elegant and evocatively Hollywood fashion.

Houzz - £790

Clothes Hanger Lamp

Sometimes hanging laundry is a necessary evil in the house, but throwing that nicely ironed shirt over this Clothes Hanger Lamp will create a warm diffusion of illumination for the place. It will also make you wonder if it's worth investing in a variety of colours for your shirt-come-light collection.

Generate - £128

Liquid Lamp

Gravity defying and eye-catching, the Liquid Lamp is both fun and practical. If the thought of knocking a real can of paint over makes you fear for the carpet this will give the same idea without the mess.

Generate - £146

Eclipse Floating Lamp

Haus Tech is all about innovative design and the Eclipse Lamp certainly epitomises that. Utilising magnetic power, the top half of the lamp floats above the bottom and the resulting light display is seriously impressive and conjures an eclipse sensation when looking at it from above.

Crealev - £690

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