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Minimal wall desk

Office space in London is the unattainable dream for many businesses, so more and more people are choosing to work from home, where practicality needs to be married with a seamless aesthetic befitting of your castle. In the latest instalment of Haus Tech we highlight some of the best-looking desks for your home.

The Stir Kinetic Desk F1 - £2,000

Sitting in one place can be hazardous to your health, but the geniuses at Stir Works have once again come up with a quite beautiful solution; the Stir Kinetic Desk M1, a follow-up to the hugely successful F1. The desk contains a built in 5-inch touch screen that monitors your activity and, here's the real genius, if you've been sitting for too long it will let you know, so that you can easily reposition yourself with a simple swipe of the mouse. The desk will then automatically raise you to your optimum standing height, making this quite staggering bit of kit a useful, engaging and healthy companion to your working day.

Minimal Work Desk - £500

In the modern home, space is often at a premium but The Minimal Work Desk would appear to have this potential problem solved. With its sleek design and adaptable wall-mount, it has a full-length slide out drawer to keep the keyboard snug and other desktop worries hidden when people come to visit. Coming in a range of colours, the floating design alleviates all concerns about inconvenient desk legs that those pesky cables perpetually wrap around.

Envelop Desk - £650

A brilliantly designed desk with a flexible work surface that moves according to the position that best fits you at any given moment. So if you move or you chair moves, the desktop moves with you to give you the optimal work position at all times. In an ergonomic world this is the kind of desk that allows you to perform backbreaking work without any of the risks of slipping a disk.

Torino Desk - £300

At first glance the Torino Desk could easily be mistaken for a stylish table, but its genius hides within its concealed compartment that instantly transforms it into an efficient work space. No longer will you have to worry about guests seeing the clutter of your laptop, note pads and other daily legacies because they can now be squirreled away out of sight.

Walkstation - £3,000

Worried that sitting at your desk all day is going to make you lethargic and fat? Worry no more, because the Walkstation does exactly what it says on the tin. Here is a desk that instead of the lazy chair has a treadmill to burn calories all day long. Cancel your gym membership because this allows you to work and work-out simultaneously, with the near silent treadmill reaching speeds of up to 2mph. This desk will monitor your calories burned, distance travelled and current speed and although you might look a little sweaty and probably a little weird, this desk brings new meaning to healthy living.

Artifox Desk - £750

A beautifully crafted desk that harks back to a bygone era but with delicate modern touches. The grooves at the back allow your phone and tablet to sit upright, which means they can be seen at all times, whilst the key-feature is undoubtedly the right hand side of the desk; a surface you can you write on and erase making all those pesky post-it notes redundant.

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