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Alexander MKII

Long gone are the days when a garden shed was simply a cobweb infested dark hole at the bottom of the garden. These days the garden shed is just as important as that finely finished kitchen. In the latest edition of Haus Tech, and after Managing Director Will Clark paid testament to their potential in his latest column, we look at some of the best sheds money can buy.

Alexander MKIII £9,394.99

Let us start as we mean to go on with this stunning piece of garden shedding. The Alexander MKII is more than a shed, it's a veritable feast of wooded space that can be used for anything from a secluded office to an easy-to-assemble extension of the home. Sleek and delightfully aesthetic, the Alexander MKIII is only going to add value to your home, although the considerable cost of this next generation shed suggests you may require a few bob or two to begin with. It looks fantastic, the kind of modern aesthetic that if anything runs the risk of making your house seem dated but looking at if from your garden will give you no end of delight.

Man Cave Noir £4,803.42

Blending effortlessly with any garden the Man Cave Noir is the ideal getaway for any wannabe Batman. Fully insulated, meaning it can be used all year round, it's a perfect fit for either an office or perhaps to throw in a sofa and a vast television screen when you need a little you down time during your guise as Bruce Wayne. It helps that it also looks a little like a bunker meaning you can take refuge from the world.

Mercia Garden Room Summerhouse £1,236.39

The chances are that if you establish a living environment where the shed should be you're going to worry about where to put the lawnmower. Worry no more, as the Mercia Garden Room comes complete with an adjoining shed to store all your garden essentials. What is more the Summerhouse is an exquisite and original way to enjoy your garden. Put a comfy sofa in there, crack open a bottle of bubbles, throw open those French window style doors and embrace the scorching summer sun.

Lienne MKIII £9,844.99

As technology advances and London becomes increasingly saturated with people, office spaces and yet more Pret A Manger, an increasing number are electing to work from home and the Lienne MKIII provides the perfect sanctuary for your escape. It's fully insulated, pleasing on the eye and offers you no excuses to ever be late for work again. A home from home right on your doorstep.

Tuin Alexi Log Cabin £3,525.74

Featuring a beautifully large veranda the Alexi provides the perfect blend of efficient work place and leisurely sanctuary. You can relax under the shade of the veranda and when the temperature drops dip your head inside the spacious indoor area to do as you please. There is an option for additional space, with a clip-on side-shed, meaning this multifaceted abode offers you the ideal haven to work, play and bring an added dimension to your home.

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