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Even if your school days are long gone and countless Back to School offers are bringing you more nostalgia than dread, there’s no time more perfect to upgrade your office supplies with some of the finest stationery designs we could find.

L’Atelier D’exercices Monthly Measure - £38

With technology so prevalent in our lives, there’s something very satisfying about the physicality of this monthly measure, made of solid beech wood. All you have to do is flip the metal star down the measure every day to see what date it is.

Monthly Measure
Monthly Measure

Computer Brush - £24.59

Whilst a computer brush might seem like an unnecessary purchase, it gets a whole lot more appealing when you bear in mind how many germs your keyboard could be carrying. This beech wood brush with goat and horsehair can help make typing a bit less disgusting.

Computer Brush

ABCD Notepad - £5.90

A tribute to classic typography (Home Display Bold Italic to be precise), this notepad is the ideal place to jot down ideas – in your neatest handwriting, of course.

ABCD Notepad

The Tri-Angles #2 - £25

Helping you deal with disorganisation through some DIY, these 8 boxes are made from recycled paper that come ready for you to assemble yourself into a pleasing array of triangles.

Tri-angles Storage

Tool The Copycat - £50

Collating three different phrases in different fonts which use all 26 letters of the alphabet, this handy brass tool is the perfect desk accessory for when you want to impress people with your typography skills.

The copycat

Tom Dixon Cube Stapler - £50

Part of Tom Dixon’s minimalist Cube collection, this rose-gold coloured stapler embraces modern design to make even the most mundane of tasks a bit more stylish.

Cube Stapler

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