Haus Tech: stack 'em and rack 'em

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bike shelf

Storing your bicycle at home can be a source of contention for couples across the country, but there are aesthetically pleasing and yet functional answers out there for your bicycle storage needs. Let us take you through them. In our latest Haus Tech feature we take a look at some of the most beautiful, custom-built, bike racks to use in your home.

Solid Oak Pedal Pod by Tamasine Osher Design £615

Perfect for the design conscious cyclist, the handmade Solid Oak Pedal Pod is a stunningly minimalist creation from award-winning designer Tamasine Osher. Effortlessly discrete and heart-achingly cool, this is as much a stand alone piece of furniture as it is a means to store your bike.

Branchline Storage Stand £1,190.00

Providing vertical storage for two bikes on two sets of adjustable arms, the Branchline stand is available in sustainably sourced bamboo, which looks so beautiful it would not look out of place adorning your wall even if you didn't own a bike. Made exclusively in the UK, each stand is built to order but the lithe sculptural lines are worth the lofty price tag alone.

Elk £249.90

Created by Latvian designer Reinis Salins, the Elk is perhaps the most minimalist bike hanger on our list. Made from solid oak, which comes in an elegant black or a natural finish, this would not look out of place in a cubist art display.

Knife & Saw The (Original) Bike Shelf £200

The Aptly titled Bike Shelf is a dual functioning rack that doubles up as a book shelf; perfect for the learned cyclist. The designer endeavoured to create a functional stand that "...kept bikes of the floor but didn't look like it belonged in the garage..." and this elegant construction certainly does just that.

Hardwood and Steel Bike Stand £92.50-£123.50

Minimalist, pleasing on the eye and affordable, the Hardwood and Steel Bike Stand is a handsome construction that can fit seamlessly into your home. Handmade in New York City and constructed from reclaimed scrap-metal from warehouses and structures littered around the Big Apple, this sustainable bike stand is both delight to look at but also comes complete with an interesting back story.

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