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Sony VPL

Home Entertainment systems have come on leaps and bounds in recent years. Such is the advancement in technology one no longer needs to suffer the awful sticky floors and annoying murmur of old-fashioned cinema halls. You can now bring cinema home, and Haus Tech is here to provide you with the best ingredients to do just that...

TV: Samsung UE65JS9500- £5,799

If you’re looking to make your home a cinema then you really need a good size TV. That pesky little 20 inch screen isn't going to cut the mustard anymore, so why not stump for Samsung’s flagship TV. Tech Radar refereed to it as “Nothing short of a milestone in TV picture quality.” Samsung have utilised their Nanocrystal system which is said to reproduce 93% of the image quality seen in digitally projected cinemas.

Projector: Sony VPL-VW 100ES - £16,799

Beautifully evocative of those classic drive-through cinemas of the 1950s, a projector harks back to a bygone era. To a degree anyhow. The Sony VPL-VW 110ES can project a 4K image onto a 200 inch screen and can do so in 3D if you wish. Its not cheap but the perfect home-viewing experience was never likely to be.

Sound System: Monitor Audio Radius R90HT1 - £1,500

To get the full cinematic experience you need the sound to be big, loud, and booming but you don't want the overwhelming power to undermine the delicate dialogue. The Monitor Audio Radius comes in gloss black, white or gorgeous walnut to suit all tastes and delivers sounds specifically engineered for watching movies. To really top things off it has an “Impact” function which is said to be slightly overwhelming on those big budget films with massive explosions.

Soundbar: Yamaha YSP-2500 - £749.99

No one really wants their immaculate living room littered with a host of speakers, so the Yamaha Soundbar, which connects your TV via Bluetooth, offers great clarity, stunning sound quality and it won't make your home look like a sound engineers' studio. Yamaha have long been associated with being masters of sound and this offers real bang for your buck with a plug-and-play ease of use.

Blu-ray Player: Oppo VDP103D - £599

With your image and sound sorted you’re going to need something to play your favourite films and the Oppo Blu-ray player is the pinnacle of High Definition viewing. That “D” on the end refers to Darbee which is a video enhancement technology that adds extra realism and depth to your viewing experience. This bad boy will also upscale video to 4K to complete your viewing experience.

Seating: Paramount Home Cinema Seating - £1,755

It’s all about creature comforts and none of that nonsense about leg room. To get it right the Paramount Home Cinema Seating is the way to go with a fully reclining electric function, cup holder and optimum comfort courtesy of the stunning leather that comes in 12 different colours. The leather is also pigmented so if that cup jumps out of its holder there’s no need to worry about those pesky stains.

Snacks: JM Posner 4oz Cineplex Popcorn Maker - £690

No movie experience is complete without the appropriate sweet or salty popcorn. The Cineplex Popcorn Maker will give your home cinema that truly authentic feeling. Just remember to turn it off before the film starts.

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