Haus Tech: Winter Essentials

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With the evenings slowly getting shorter and the weather cooling off, we’re resigned to admit that it looks as though summer’s coming to an end and autumn is closing in. With that in mind, Haus Tech is here to offer some essential (and not so essential) purchases for autumn.

S’more to Love STL-611 S’more Maker - £24

There’s toasting s’mores then there’s really toasting s’mores. Gone are the days of just putting a marshmallow on a stick then squishing it between some crackers and chocolate, the campfire classic can now be made in a designated s’more maker that can go in your oven. And with a name like “S’more to Love” it’s pretty much a must buy.


Classic Cashmere Blanket in Dark Maple Tartan - £250

Comfort and warmth are of optimum importance come autumn, this tartan cashmere blanket is the premium in cosiness. These blankets come straight from Edinburgh, adding a nice slice of Scotland to your home.

Cashmere Blanket

Flymo GardenVac - £75.99

There’s enjoying autumn, and there’s taking autumn really seriously. If you fall into the latter category, you’re going to want to get yourself a proper leaf blower to make yourself the envy of your neighbours by having a leaf free garden.


Log Carrier - £29.95

If you’re the outdoorsy sort and prefer throwing logs on the fire than turning on the central heating, this hardy waterproofed, suede edged bag is the perfect size and shape for carrying logs in from outside.

Log Carrier

Terracotta Large Clay Chimenea - £119

It may be getting cooler but that doesn’t mean you have to stop using your garden quite yet. This clay chimenea is a freestanding fireplace for your garden that not only looks incredible, but also gives out a lot of heat.


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