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At SellMyHome.co.uk we understand the importance of keeping your home in top condition, not only for your own comfort but also to get the best offer when it goes on the market. With this in mind we’re assembling a team of Home Heroes, those professionals we turn to when our home causes us grief.

This week we caught up with Bhimji Patel of BS Electrical Services in Forest Gate. Bhimji is an electrical contractor who is passionate about ensuring properties are kept safe and running smoothly.

BS Electrical
Bhimji Patel of BS Electrical - Taking the safety in your Stratford home seriously.

When one of my team opened the door he was shocked - we had to take him to hospital - the person who did it clearly had no regard for safety.

How long have you been an electrical contractor?

I’ve been doing it for the last ten years. I did an apprenticeship with another company and then I did Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 Electrical Installation certification.

What does being a good electrical contractor entail?

It’s about having the proper apprenticeship and training through JIB (Job Industry Board) then you have been trained properly and at every stage of your electrical education you have been checked by a high industry standard. This way you become a reliable and good electrician. It’s essential to understand the client’s needs as much as the electrical side of it. Everyone is different and you need to address each job as a different challenge to the last.

How can people maintain a working home in terms of electrics?

Like with anything it’s about installing the best products. By buying the right equipment and using it properly often electrics will take care of themselves. If things do go wrong that’s where we come in to help solve the little problems.

What do people need to do when the worst happens; any tips for making your job easier and limiting the damage?

The best thing when it comes to electrics is to always find the best electrician. Don’t call out a cowboy because the job will not be done to a high standard and you often end up paying out a lot more than you would if you had hired an expert professional from the get go. Some people use the wrong size of wiring or they will try to overload the system. Lighting for example should be 6 or 10 amps and if someone tries to use something higher it will damage the wire which can cause a lot of damage. You should always find the right person to do the right job. Find someone you know and trust to get the job done properly.

Do you have any horror stories while on the job?

Once we went to a very big property and someone had left an exposed cable out. It was still live but connected to the mains, it had been left on the lock so when one of my team went to open the door he was shocked. We had to take him to hospital, thankfully he was okay. A live cable should never be left like that, the person who did it clearly had no regard for safety. I want to make everything safe for people in the home and on the job.

What makes a good client?

From my experience professionals are always the best clients. They understand that what I’m doing is a skill set and they know to trust me to do a good job.

How do you take your tea?

In a cup, with milk no sugar please.

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