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At SellMyHome.co.uk we understand the importance of keeping your home in top condition, not only for your own comfort but also to get the best offer when it goes on the market. With this in mind we’re assembling a team of Home Heroes, those professionals we turn to when our home causes us grief.

This week we spoke to Manny Sahmbi, of Happy2Move, interested in keeping your possessions safe during what is know as a hugely stressful transition. Moving home is hard, and Manny prizes himself on working professionally with you to ensure your ride is as smooth as possible.

Manny Sahmbi

Could you tell us what you do?

We offer removals and packing and storage services to customers.

What does bring a good removals company entail?

A good removal company has the experience to move the customers while taking care of their personal possessions. We also need the experience to manoeuvre difficult or heavy items within properties especially within London. Properties are quite small with narrow staircases. You need to pay attention to make sure you're not damaging someone else's property.

Do you have any tips on how to make moving home that little bit easier?

Of course. As the old saying goes, you pack it better, you stack it better. That's if the customers are packing their own possessions. We'll advise how to pack the items well. Things like not overloading the boxes. You can also use strong double wall and even triple wall boxes while moving house. Some people go the cheaper option and go for single wall boxes which we've seen end badly at times. As I said, you pack it better, you stack it better, enabling a safer journey for your possessions.

Do you have any horror stories while on the job?

Moving heavy furniture up several flights of stairs. That's no fun. Awkward heavy furniture is always tough when we come across it. One of them was a really awkward old-skool printing press machine that we had to move. It was horrible. It was two inches thick glass and took around four people to move. It was a nightmare as it was in like 100 bits. Apart from that just heavy furniture.

What makes a good client?

It's good for a client to be organised. We also like them to be aware that our job is difficult. There is a lot of health and safety to look out for. Some people are prepared, but some people have things like their kids and pets with them while they're moving. That makes our job difficult as we have to keep an extra eye out for any issue that could happen involving someone in the way of us moving furniture.

Do you do anything extra to reduce a customer's stress while they move?

We always advise for a customer to check out our website. They can find information on pre-planning a move. We also advise customers ourselves. When we get a quote from the customer we give more information and if they have any questions after that we let the customers know they can call us at any time.

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