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Those who work in investments often consider the impact of public and private development on their own interests. But as a homeowner, how can this same principle help you?

From the Olympics to the proposed HS2 project, major projects have an impact on local areas and in particular – house prices. So if you are trying to sell your home then make sure that you take these sorts of projects into consideration.

London’s Crossrail Project

Due to open initially in 2015, Crossrail is a new 73 mile railway line linking Berkshire to Essex via central London. For many local areas to the west and east of London the Crossrail project will make the journey into London quicker and easier and as a result the local housing markets are likely to see an increased demand as commuters see the area as a great place to live.

Demand Goes Up, Prices Go Up

If you live in an area affected by the project, you’re in a great position to sell your home, as demand will begin to increase. Increased demand leads to higher prices which means selling now could be the best time in a long time.

Whilst there are talks of the increase being between 10 and 25%, the fact is that prices are set to rise. This BBC article goes into more depth about the project .

Looking to Move Up the Property Ladder?

Whilst the house price increase may look great on paper, it could really be a life-changing factor. If you’re interested in moving up the property ladder or you’re thinking about an addition to the family but need that extra space, now is a great time to take a look at your options for the coming years.

In an economy fraught with doubt and uncertainty, this is great news for many people in the south east who have been handed a golden ticket.

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