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Once upon a time the process of moving house was much easier. If you didn’t like where you lived you simply picked up your club, slung a mammoth’s hide on your back and meandered over to the next cave. In the modern world things can sometimes be a bit more complicated. There’s a multitude of tasks we have to organise, from finding a mortgage broker to marketing your home. Getting the right advice, and healthy dose of common sense, is imperative for a modern day move.

However there are a few of us who are determined to make the process of moving house as difficult as possible. By employing a number of less than ideal tactics, things can sometimes go a little strange. Here are a few stories where things didn’t quite go to plan.

The Dangers of Not Calling Ahead

It seems only sensible, and polite, to call ahead before a viewing. Turning up unannounced doesn’t give the owner enough time to hide away dirty laundry or ample forewarning to quickly pop some bread in the over for that comforting and homely aroma. The other disadvantage is the potential for embarrassment. After waking from their slumber to hear noises downstairs, the owners’ internal intruder alarm was set off. Not wanting to confront the threat downstairs they decided to hide in the wardrobe, where the agent found them, naked.

Source – The Guardian

Not having your Facebook settings to private

The negotiation period of any property sale can be like a game of cat and mouse. You want your best poker face, or poker telephone voice, or poker social media profile to get you the asking price you’re looking for. After being suitably impressed during the viewing, one potential buyer was just about to make an offer when they decided to put on a 1970’s detective moustache (OK I made that bit up) and employ a spot of Facebook stalking. After a bit of detective work they found the owner online and noticed that their privacy settings on Facebook were set to “public”. Among their posts were a number of comments stating how desperate they were to sell their property quickly. Armed with this knowledge the buyer made a very low offer, which was surprisingly, or not so surprisingly accepted. Moustache off, removal van ordered.

Source – Nanowrimo

The Suspicious Closet

A couple looking to buy their ideal home decided to attend an open house viewing. Initially impressed with the house they were making the necessary oohs and ahhhs - accompanied by the mandatory vigorous head nod - before they finally asked where the door in the corner of the basement led. They were shown into a room that had a tiled dance floor, mirrored ceilings and one could only presume, a spinning glitter ball. In the corner was a leather bar and next to it was a very suspicious looking closet. Not wanting to enter the realms of Pulp Fiction, they decided not to buy the house…or look in the closet.

Source – Nanowrimo

Personal Hygiene

When asked about the state of your utilities during a viewing, please don’t answer as one owner did:

“Yeah they’re all good – unless you’re one of those people who like to shower every day”

I don’t think this needs further explanation.

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