How to add a warm touch to your home this autumn

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On the cusp of autumn comes all the wind and rain our climate can throw at us. But not forgetting all the wonderful hues as trees turn into a canvas of russets and golds. Why not allow one of the most colourful seasons to inspire you into bringing some warmth into your home with these easy to achieve ideas on how to make your home into a cosy den.


Anything with texture adds a new dimension to your home: rugs, pillows and throws can transform tired or even slightly clinical spaces into the feel of a Moroccan souk.

Try adding a few bold floor cushions, which double up as great seating and a bit of fun for kids. Think about introducing some faux fur throws for a chic Scandinavian look that works particularly well near wood.

For an indulgent look, add layers of multiple textures to one area, including extra throws, plump cushions and rugs upon rugs. Adding ceiling to floor curtains can also give a warm, rich feel.


Colour might be an obvious suggestion and being bold here is what counts. Pillar-box reds, sunset pinks, deep burgundies and crisp golds all add spice and heat to a room. These can all be achieved by splashing colours to a feature wall through to adding a vibrant painting or photographs, or by adding bold and playful cushions in bright patterns and colours. To breathe colour into a more minimalist room, consider adding one very bright and bold armchair.

For those of you with sash windows or wooden frames or doors, consider painting these to bring beautiful hints of warmth to the room.


Lighting makes such as inordinate difference to how warm a room can look, yet is so often an afterthought. Clinical stark lighting might be just what you need when you are studying or cooking but it is certainly not conducive to creating the warming, metaphorical hug you are after.

Candles placed in chunky glass vases can work wonders in creating an impression of intimacy and warmth, and for those concerned about safety and little fingers – look into the battery operated versions.

Subdued lighting, subtle floor lamps can add to an intimate, cosy feel too. One cheap favourite has to be fairy lights: string these in large glass jars, on mantle pieces or hang them off doorframes.


If a room is empty – it is immediately going to feel cold. Think about how to breathe some life back into it by adding accessories such as books, plants or bright pictures, bowls and plates. Books add warmth, character, personality and a cosy feeling of being holed away in a literary den. Enjoy the warming feeling of escaping to an exotic climb through the grasp of a book.

Think imaginatively and you won’t go far wrong. You could even aim for wooden sculptures, wall hangings or any items collected from flea markets and travels worldwide.

Minimalist warmth

If you have and prefer a more minimalist look, then how do you achieve the warmth? These homes are often unfairly considered ‘cold’, ‘sterile’ and even ‘uninviting’. A clean and less cluttered look does not bode well with heaps of cushions and curtains. However, warmth can be added in clever ways. Try using vintage or recycled materials, wood, and wool in neutral colours, which won’t detract from the simplicity of the room. Consider adding glass jars for materials and cooking utensils.

Then there is the occasional splash of colour: a vibrant pink to bring a little sunset indoors, such as a cushion or even a bunch of flowers, or some clever lighting.


How is it that everyone seems to overlook the place where the first impressions of a house are made? You want your home to give you a big warm hug when you come in shuddering from the wind and rain. What you don’t want is an icy blast that makes you want to head for bed.

Line the way with family photos along the stairway. Use lots of different types and frames, and arrange them like you would a collage.

If the hallway is a dark or bleak space, consider putting a large mirror in there to bounce much needed light back into the room, making it feel lighter and airier.

Adopt some, any or all of these ideas and you will immediately feel your house transform into a warm, welcoming home without the need for any great expense.

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