Knock Knock New: £1 houses in Liverpool, shipping container homes and luxury London properties.

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£1 homes in Liverpool

2,750 people have applied to between 120 and 150 empty Victorian homes in Liverpool for just £1. Priority is given to those with children and a good credit history, as well as those with resources and at least £60,000 to carry out the cost of refurbishment on the property.

Source: BBC

Shipping containers the future of pre-fab housing?

A student village in Amsterdam, Wenckehof is made of 1,000 recycled shipping containers. It was originally built as a temporary housing experiment but in 2011, following its popularity, was given permanent status. Developer, QED has made a five-year deal to install 36 shipping container homes in Brighton.
Source: The Guardian

Retiree discovers Frank Lloyd Wright designed her house
Linda McQuillen, a retired teacher who bought her home for $100,000 in Madison, Wisconsin, has recently found out that the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed her property – resulting in the property now having an estimated value of $480,000.

Source: Quartz

Luxury London property prices rise far higher than New York

Reports have shown that in the last five years, London has sold more luxury properties (over $5million) than Manhattan, Hong Kong, Sydney and Singapore. In 2009, 523 properties over $5million were sold, however, in 2014, 1,638 properties were sold.

Source: The Guardian

David Cameron to tell council to build more homes sooner

David Cameron has told local councils that they must present plans for building thousands of new homes by 2017. If they fail to do so, the government will intervene. This new initiative intends to help fulfill the Conservative’s intention to build a million new homes by 2020.

Source: Politics Home

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