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Estate agents fail Ipsos Mori Veracity Index

​Estate Agents and journalists in race to the bottom but still lose to politicians

The latest Veracity Index from research form Ipsos MORI is in. For those who don’t know much about it (and why would you?) the Veracity Index measures how trustworthy various professions are seen to be by asking 1,000 adults in the UK. Estate Agents unsurprisingly are among the least trusted professions out there, tied with journalists with only 25% of the general public trusting them. Who could be worse you might ask? Politicians and government ministers of course.

At the other end of the spectrum, Doctors (895) and teachers (86%) take the plaudits. Hairdressers also came in with a very respectable 69%, given some of the haircuts in our office, I’m not so sure on that one myself.

These are compared to the ordinary man/woman in the street of 68%

In other news the world is still round.

​Estate Agents don’t like change

A group of estate agents have appealed to David Cameron to backtrack on changes to Stamp Duty and other tax changes because there’s just too much change. Having to work out all these new big numbers and how they will affect their huge commissions. Cameron’s response was pretty blunt and can be paraphrased as “It’s happening, get on with it”:

“There is a problem that in many places families who can’t afford a home to buy are being squeezed out by people buying a home to let, or as a second property to stand empty for most of the year.

“That is why we have introduced a new rates of Stamp Duty that will be 3 per cent higher on the purchase of additional properties like buy-to-lets and second homes.

“This extra stamp duty raises almost a billion pounds by 2021 – and we’ll reinvest some of that money in local communities that are being priced out of home ownership.”

David Cameron

On that note: Rush to purchase buy-to-lets stoking market

With the additional 3% stamp duty for second home owners and buy to let purchases coming into play at the beginning of April, landlords and holiday home seekers are looking to buy and complete before this happens. Unsurprisingly this is having an effect on the market boosting demand in areas that would also attract first time buyers.

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