Knock Knock News: fracking 'ell for home owners, arrivederci Clooney, and battle of the sexes enters new market.

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Fracking property problems: while the debate around the safety of fracking, the method of extracting gas and oil by cracking open shale rock at high pressure, rages on it seems areas that are affected by the process are going to see dips in the property market. The Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (Defra) have issued a report that reveals house prices in fracking affected areas are likely to fall by as much as 7% and could need added insurance to protect against explosions in the area.

Source: Daily Mail

Annual house price growth diminishing: a year ago house prices were rising at a staggering 11.3% but that seems to be rapidly dropping, with the latest reports suggesting house price growth was down to 3.3% in June. Building society Nationwide's chief economist Robert Gardner said; "House price growth continues to outpace earnings, but the gap is closing, helped by a pick-up in annual wage growth". That being said house prices are still expected to rise 6% by the end of the year and 5% next year according to IHS Global Insight's chief UK and European economist Howard Archer.

Source: BBC

Could Clooney sell in Italy?: George Clooney is considering selling his beloved estate on Lake Como, Italy. The actor, who bought the property in 2001 for $10 million, is said to be considering selling the property for a whopping $100 million having grown tired of he and his wife Amal's privacy being constantly invaded by the paparazzi. There is an offer on the table which Clooney is said to be considering. The actor is allegedly thinking of buying another property in the country that would be less accessible to prying eyes. Lagilo Mayor Roberto Pozzi has already issued a $600 fine for anyone found on Clooney's Como property without permission.

Source: Daily Mail

August the month to sell: official Land Registry figures show that over the past three years 20% more homes are sold in August compared with the annual average and 30% more than averages in January. In four of the past five years, August has been the busiest month for estate agents. In 2014 87,173 houses were sold in August which was 15% higher than the monthly average of 74,770. Founder of Kiss Lettings Ajay Jagota says these figures prove "...that people are more likely to buy a property when the sun is shining".

Source: Property Reporter

Battle of the Sexes: it seems the battle of the sexes continues even in the property market, particularly in regards to the respective buying a property. A survey conducted by Strutt & Parker of 2,000 people shows that men tend to look at things like Tax Changes, Political Environment and Mobile Coverage whereas women tend to look at things like better schools, proximity to work and close to family. When it comes to home items men prioritise things like home cinema systems and wine cellars whereas women opted for AGA ovens and kitchen islands.

Source: Property Reporter

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