Knock Knock News: It's better if you live on a lane plus the power of the Downton Abbey effect

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House Prices in Hong Kong up 20.14%

Data from the Global Property Guide has shown the changes in house prices worldwide – with evidence that house prices have risen in 27 countries and fallen in 11.

The largest declines in house prices have been in the UAE, Russia and Ukraine. Perhaps surpringly, the UK isn’t in the Top 10 highest price rises, which is occupied by the United States (+5.36%), New Zealand (+5.39%), Mexico (+6.38%), Japan (+6.54%), Norway (+6.62%), Iceland (7.84%), Philippines (7.26%), Estonia (+8.99%), Ireland (+10.7%), Hong Kong (20.14%).

Source: The Independent

UK house prices reach a new high

September led way to a record high for asking prices on new homes coming to the market in England and Wales. Rightmove reported that the average asking price for property has risen by 0.9% over September so far, bringing the average asking price up to £294,834 – which is 6.4% higher than they were this time last year.

Source: The Guardian

Properties with ‘Lane’ in their address sell for more than ‘Street’

Barclays Mortgages have carried out research that shows that your address can influence your house price by £100,000. Their study showed that houses on ‘lanes’ have an average pricing of £245,906 – 22% higher than the average house UK house price of £201,246. ‘Streets’ were valued the lowest at an average of £142,374, so if you take your address seriously, it’s worth going after a ‘lane’ or ‘way’. None of the Top 10 most expensive streets in London are on streets - they are all either named ‘gardens’, ‘crescent’, ‘avenue’ or ‘place’.

Source: The Daily Mail

House prices Downton Abbey village increase by 22.1pc

Since the period drama, Downton Abbey, became a cult favourite in 2010 - house prices in the village in which some of the show is set – Bampton in the Cotswolds, have risen to £331,814, marking at 22.1pc rise in the last five years. Being touted as the ‘Downton Effect’ the show has seen an estimated 23,000 more visitors than usual this summer alone.

Source: The Telegraph

Housing Minister wants to build a million new homes by 2020

As means to address the housing shortage in the UK, the housing minister, Brandon Lewis has projected a target of building a million new homes in the next five years – a steep rise from 2011 – 2014, when less than 460,000 homes were built. Figures for the National Housing Federation showed that 974,000 were needed to be built between 2011 – 2014, but with figures falling 514,000 short, further measures are having to be taken to make up for the housing deficit.

Source: Express and Star

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