Knock Knock News: private rentals on the rise, own a piece of Trotsky history, Britain's 'only' desert goes on sale and Romford tops lucky list

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Increased private rentals: With ever-rising house prices making it difficult for first time buyers to get onto the property ladder, a report by accountancy firm PwC estimated that a quarter of all families will be living in rented accommodation – with the private rental sector being dominated by those aged between 20 – 39.

Source: The Guardian

Buying Leon Trotsky's hideaway: Soviet Marxist politician, Leon Trotsky's property in Istanbul is up for sale for $4.4million. Though it's been left in a bad condition, the house is three stories, with a large garden, 18 rooms and its own natural lobster pool and views of the Sea of Marmara.

Source: Voice of America

Britain's only desert up for sale: The 468 acres surrounding a nuclear power station in Kent is being sold. It served as the cover for Pink Floyd's 1981 album, 'A Collection of Great Dance Songs', as well as a variety of music videos. Due to its uniqueness, it boasts over a million visits from tourists per year, and would set you back £1.5million.

Source: Daily Mail

Cameron tackling property's 'dirty money': With a rise in offshore companies using the UK property market as a method of laundering money, there's been an influx of dirty money – particularly in London. Last week, David Cameron assured that he will take action against corrupt foreigners.

Source: Financial Times

Romford, the UK's luckiest town: If you're thinking of making a move, it might be worth considering Romford, Essex. Camelot Group released a table that outlined the UK towns who have had the highest number of big National Lottery winners, with Romford claiming the top spot.

Source: The Telegraph

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