Knock Knock News: Shard mach II mooted, mortgage lenders refusing mothers-to-be, the AA join the party and The Bodyguard cabin goes on sale

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Secret plans for London skyscraper: it won't quite measure up to the heights of The Shard but plans are being drawn up to build London's next mega-tower where the current Aviva Tower, opposite The Gherkin, now stands. Developers Aroland Holdings are seeking permission to build a 304 meter building, just five meters shy of the current tallest building in Europe, The Shard. However, there are still some who oppose the proposals due to the increasingly cluttered London skyline. After the Walkie-Talkie building melted a car with its concave windows, tall towers are causing concerns among some experts.

Source: The Telegraph

The Bodyguard mansion dives onto market: the cabin seen at the end of the film The Bodyguard, starring Kevin Costner and the late Whitney Houston, has gone on sale for $8 million. While the location in the film is meant to be little more than a cabin in the woods, in reality The Fallen Leaf Lake estate boasts five bedrooms, all of which have a view of the lake, a three car garage, a 76ft pier and three acres of forest. Broker Doug Rosner said that Whitney Houston fell in love with the property during filming and didn't want to leave.

Source: Daily Mail

Mortgage lenders refusing mothers-to-be loans: the Financial Ombudsmen is being flooded by complaints that mortgage lenders are refusing loans to women who admit they are thinking of having children in the near future. The complaints highlight that lenders are asking more personal questions and being told that their repayments won't be met during their maternity leave. Molly, commenting on Netmums, stated that "they are refusing to take my maternity pay into account because they think I might not return to work, which is ridiculous". Banks such as Santander admit they "expect an applicant to disclose known events that are likely to affect their income or expenditure", which includes plans to start a family.

Source: Daily Mail

AA to introduce mortgages: the AA, normally associated with roadside car assistance, is moving into mortgage lending. Teaming with Bank Of Ireland UK the AA plan to introduce a credit card leading to loans, savings and mortgages. An initial ten year partnership has been put in place. Kathryn Thomas, managing director of AA Financial Services said: "This is an exciting new venture that will help to develop the AA's vigour as a growing force in UK financial services".

Source: Property Reporter

Mortgages offer 'breathing space' in first year: TSB have introduced a series of mortgages that allow borrowers breathing space in the first year of repayments. This allows buyers to make changes to their property, like new paint, wallpaper, carpets or updating the kitchen, without worrying about their repayments taking a hit. Ian Ramsden, TSB mortgages director, said: "We know the first year after moving into a new home can be expensive as people look to add their individual touch in creating a home. People have told us they'd welcome some breathing space in the first year after moving in to their new home which is why we've launched these mortgages." That being said Tyler Mortgage Management are warning that these 'breathing space' loans are a gimmick and that better deals exist out there.

Source: What Mortgage

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