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SellMyHome Infographic for Mums

Before the days of the internet, people were compelled to employ high street estate agents in order to sell their homes. Now that people can sell their homes online though, that old set up looks hugely wasteful in terms of both time and money. Sell My Home have targeted this head on and made the most of the simply massive reach anything advertised online gets. We’re at the forefront of this property market evolution, and to date have saved vendors c. £1,000,000 in estate agent fees. Our entirely online process allows us to do this and it is proving hugely successful around the country as our testimonialsshow.

A surprisingly significant amount of UK moves are due to the arrival of a new baby. As we all know, as well as being a bundle of joy, babies can also be rather expensive! If you take a look at our findings below you can see how cutting out the estate agent and making the move with Sell My Home can save you vast amounts of money at a time when you’ll most need it for things like nannies, toys, family cars and the like.

Using our now established methods, selling your own home on your own is far simpler than you might think. We’ll support you through every step, enabling you to value and market your home, conduct viewings, receive feedback and accept offers. So who really needs high street estate agents? The millions of pounds spent by UK mums on them could be used to help cover the cost of that ever so important first year of your child’s life.

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