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Sell your house in winter

If you are looking to sell your house in early 2015, take a look at the premium online estate agent tips for what not to do and even more importantly what extra little touches you can bring to help sell your house for your dream price:

Keep the house warm

A warm and welcoming home can make a huge difference as those visiting houses in the cold winter months will be starting to imagine what your home will be like as a bolthole from those brisk winter winds. Turn your radiators up and make your potential buyers feel at home.

Live plants or flowers

In the dark winter months, live plants and flowers can really help bring a house to life. The added benefit of the extra oxygen in the air will encourage buyers to stay longer and give your property a thorough walk through.

Nice smells

You don’t have to go the whole hog and bake bread or a cake but some well placed candles or reed diffusers can help cover those winter musty smells that even the cleanest houses pick up.

Take down Christmas decorations

Christmas has gone now. It’s time to take those decorations down and let the house exist in its natural state.

Tidy the garden, sweep away leaves

If you have outside space make sure it is neat and tidy with leaves swept.

Use Lamps to make rooms feel cosy

If you are showing potential buyers around in the evening after work then light some lamps to help the house feel cosy and welcoming. Natural shades of light are like little bursts of sunlight in these dark months.

De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter

This should be taken as automatic by now. Research has shown that de-cluttering and freeing up square footage can actually add up to 5% to your property price. Consider taking out storage and putting any non-essentials there to free up that floor space.

Happy house selling from your friendly online estate agent,

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