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High street estate agents stuck in the past

From Ocado and Amazon to Burberry and TAG consumers are able to purchase pretty much anything, whatever the value, online. A recent article in Forbes reminded us that back in the day, the retail experience itself especially for luxury brands was very much part of purchasing process but these days it’s more about the product than the buying experience….and this got the team at Sell My Home thinking…

Does the high street have such a role these days and specifically do we need so many estate agents on our high streets given that you can now sell your house privately online? Southfields in London for example has nine estate agents on its high street (they must be making a serious living for themselves or this wouldn't be the case due to their overheads) – there would never be nine butchers or nine coffee shops, it just feels like the situation has got out of control. It should be noted that this is more evident in the London property market though.

Each and every property in every estate agent branch is marketed online so…if we’re all happy to buy and sell our high value purchases online (such as holidays and cars) our homes (with the support of an online agent and of course a solicitor) should be the logical next step. By cutting out the middle manonline estate agents like Sell My home are able to regain control of what is most likely to be the most valuable ‘sale’ people make – after all, our homes are most probably our biggest assets. The mere fact that a small community in South West London is serviced by nine estate agents tells you that they must be making a lucrative living for themselves. You have to ask yourself why this is.

Online purchasing is no longer about buying a quick bunch of Interflora flowers for a Great Aunt Bessie – it’s so much more.

At we’re here to support you every step of the way and with a dedicated Account Manager we’ll help you sell your property (your most important asset) at a fraction of the high street price and ensure you’re totally in control.

If you’d like to find out more about selling your home online, then please give us a call on 0203 441 2345.

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