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Sell your home with perfect pictures like this one

The Sell My Home office were amused to recently read about some of the worst estate agent pictures ever taken. The examples used were so truly awful that it was actually hard to believe that they were real! Rubbish, taxidermy, pets and odd plumbing all had a role to play in the hideousness of them and they serve to show everyone exactly how not to sell your house.

We always say that when trying to sell your house online that it’s really important to get the basics right, and really good, professional photographs of your property are perhaps the most fundamental building block of this process. After all, without good photos of your home, how is any potential buyer meant to appreciate the qualities it has? So if you use bad ones (or even ones that just aren’t as good as they could be), then be prepared to have merely a trickle or viewings as opposed to a torrent of them.

This is why in every Sell My Home package, a professional photography service is included which ensures that you have 6 top quality, estate agent friendly pictures of your home which reflect its true value. Although as your online estate agent we take total care of these, you might be interested to know the sorts of things which go into taking quality pictures of your house or flat.

  • Lighting: This is absolutely critical to get right; you don’t want rooms appearing dark and you don’t want long shadows visible. The most common way to get this right is to turn on every light in the room. In the resulting photograph the room will look wonderfully light.
  • Staging Process: At this point unnecessary clutter can be pushed away so that it doesn’t detract from the images. Removing this will also make the rooms look considerably bigger.
  • Curtains: These should always be opened up to their very fullest and they should be clean. This will let more light into the room, thus making it seem considerably bigger.
  • Flowers: Other thank looking pretty these show any potential buyer that the property has caring owners who clearly take pride in their home. So the chances are that if that's the case, problems won't be lurking around the place as they will have already been sorted out.
  • Fireplaces: These are such a selling feature and they often prove the clincher in attracting offers, so in photos they must be shown off properly. To do this estate agent photographers will usually light a few bits of kindling or paper to create a healthy but short lived blaze. Seeing an orange flame in the fireplace in the property picture will enliven your hearth and make potential buyers eager to buy your property.
  • For external shots, weather is everything: When taking pictures of the outside of your property, make sure that the weather is on your side. The pictures don’t have to be taken on a perfect blue sky day (in the UK you may be waiting a while for one), but just make sure that pictures are not being taken in hail, sleet, storms etc. If the weather is set, though, and you need to sell your house fast, then just turn on all the lights in the house and aim for a Thomas Kinkade style image of the property.
  • Neatness is Necessary: Beds should be properly made and washing put away. Seemingly small things like this can make a big difference to many people, especially those who are trying to envision themselves living in the property.

So if you’re considering using an online estate agent to sell your home on the internet then be sure to give us a ring (0203 44 12345) and we will happily talk you through what we do and how we do it.

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