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Spring is one of those times of year when buyers are out in force and with the changing of the season there are fantastic opportunities to refreshing your home and giving it a facelift for selling. If you follow our points below you will be in a fantastic position to secure your dream offer on your house and make that move you’re looking for.

1. First Impressions Count

Stand outside the front of your house and compare your property to those on your street.

  • How can you improve your property’s first impression?
  • Window frames need a lick of paint?
  • Have the gutters once over-flowed and never been cleaned?
  • Do you have some pot plants in the driveway?
  • Weeds in the cracks of your paving?
  • Maybe give your front door a makeover with new doorknobs and letterbox or even just painting it can have a huge impact.

2. Spring Clean Time!

Giving your house a full deep clean can do amazing things in the eyes of buyers who want the property to be at its best when viewing.

  • Skirting boards always need a dusting, we all forget.
  • Clean and polish windows
  • Polish taps and mirrors. You’ll be amazed at the effect it creates.
  • Bleach tile grout – it’s simple, easy and will make your bathroom look much newer than it is!

3. It’s the little things that count

Buyers will look around your house and focus on all the small things thinking that they are representative of the larger renovation works that might have been carried out. Make sure all the small jobs you've been putting off are done and take the time to add some small flourishes:

  • Replace broken lightbulbs
  • Fix doors, drawers and cupboards
  • Make sure there are fresh towels neatly hung in bathrooms
  • Pull curtains right back to let in the light
  • Have some small plants and flowers to bring colour and oxygen into your house

4. De-personalise

If you are serious about selling then it is important to accept that the house you live in is no longer your home. It is time to put the photos of family holidays and your kids’ artwork away and let buyers see your house as their future home.

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