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Everyone loves a house with a garden. They’re homely and beautiful and people love having a piece of nature to personalise and call their own. In the big cities like London and Birmingham, though, the question of gardens and gardening throw up some problems which actually might rub some of the magic off owning one. However, if you can overcome them, then you have a huge asset.

As online estate agents we know all too well that to live in the major cities you have to work hard, leaving many without much spare time to get household chores done, let alone spend a few hours gardening. Time constraints often result in overgrown plots which, being in a city, litter starts to accumulate in. In turn this can attract rodents. Not pleasant. As much as some of us may have naturally green fingers, when it comes to the end of the week all many want to do is relax. If gardening is your burning passion then that’s perfect, but if not then you’re in trouble.

Another problem is that the price of housing in the big cities – especially London – is frightening enough as it is, so with a garden comes another price hike which many simply won’t be able to stretch to. In central London, say, in the thick of the hustle and bustle that makes the city what it is, even multi million pound properties for sale will often not have a garden. Instead many will have small courtyards or terraces, so location can also make owning something like a lawn impossible in a city.

If you are lucky enough to own a bit of outside space then here are some ways to work on your garden to attract buyers and even to create a garden in a space where it seemed impossible.

  • First of all, if you are blessed with a garden like a lot of our urban properties are, it’s important to remember that it’s not only the back garden you have to take care of. The front, however small, is the first thing potential buyers will see. Even if you only have a small patch of grass among patio slabs, make the most of it! Ensure any grass is trimmed and if possible pack the borders with scented plants. Once brushed past, these should create a pleasant aroma for prospective buyers to enjoy. Flowering plants or clipped box in fitted window boxes will also attract buyers to a home and provide an instantly welcoming and homely feel, which in a city is often tough to find.
  • Secondly, with your back garden, don’t overdo it. As said earlier, most people in the big cities don’t have the time for hours of gardening a week so steer clear of overloading your space. Instead, have a clear structure of shrubs, trees, pots and patio and include easy to maintain plants amongst it. Evergreen plants like yew are great ideas; they involve little leaf clear up and remain beautiful all year long. Equally, standing structures like water features or sculptures add attractive focal points and they need next to no upkeep.
  • Finally, even if you live in a flat or an apartment as many people do in urban areas, there’s no reason you can’t bring nature into your property! It’s becoming more and more popular for people to grow herbs and vegetables on their kitchen windowsill and houseplants are almost no trouble. Exotic flowers can even be successfully grown indoors using special lamps. Having a touch of green in your property can really make it seem more like a home to potential buyers as opposed to yet another impersonal cream shell. Needless to say don’t go over the top, but people buying property in cities love a little green in their concrete dominated landscapes.

With January just around the corner now is most certainly the time to consider selling your home online with Sell My Home. The team are all fully prepared for the January rush and they’d be delighted to answer any questions you might have.

Image from Paul Dickenson, Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

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