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Cardboard boxes, perfect for moving home

When you think of a brown cardboard box, what springs to mind – something that clutters your home, a storage solution in your loft or maybe something that seemed to be a lot more magical in your childhood than it does today! However, brown cardboard boxes come into their own when you’re moving home as you need lots of them and strong ones at that.

Here at we were delighted to be contacted by The Depaul Box Company. If you didn’t already know, Depaul UK is a youth homeless charity and instead of just relying on donations they have created an important business selling cardboard boxes with all profits going towards their work with young homeless people in the UK. Having met the lovely team, we thought long and hard about the role of the cardboard box and its relevance. It’s a given how important they are in the home, especially when moving, but they are absolutely essential to those living on the streets. That’s why we’ve decided to team up with this brilliant charity and encourage both Sell My Home buyers and sellers to purchase one of their handy packs of boxes. They also have boxes for archiving too which might be useful for all you office bods out there. If you’re anything like us you’ll search high and low for boxes only to remember that you’ve thrown them all out – so here is your solution!

We were particularly struck by the stories on the website which you’ll find on the side of each box. It just goes to show that however bad things may seem, with help and determination, these youngsters have turned their lives around.

The phrase ‘Doing Well By Doing Good’ is often branded around the commercial world but it’s important to stop sometimes and recognise what that actually means. This article in Forbeshighlights a few talking points and positive initiatives taking place across the globe. Closer to home we love what PWC did to raise awareness of the cardboard box business. In an Apprentice style challenge across the Capital, two teams battled it out to sell as many cardboard boxes as possible - even TV Presenter Andi Peters got involved and showed his support!

Online estate agents aren’t high on the list of companies who support charities – in fact, we think we’re the only one that does. For instance, did you know that £5 of every instruction we take on goes to the Veterans charity, Veterans Aid? So by selling your home online through us you’ll not only be saving yourself significant amounts of money, but you’ll also be making a small but important difference to those in real need.

Home is at the heart of what we do so please do spread the word about The Depaul Box Company if you or anyone you know is moving – go on, be a Chatterbox!

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