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The Sell My Home team were interested to read in The Telegraph that the average time it takes for someone to look at a property they’re considering purchasing is 33 minutes. If you’re selling your house this is certainly worth noting because it highlights the importance of making sure that your home gives off the right first impressions. We’ve mentioned in the past how important it is to make sure that your property is looking in tip top condition before potential buyers come and view it, so this article simply confirms the Sell My Home position that when you come to sell your house, you should really take time to make it look stunning.

We’d actually suggest that the real average time people spend viewing a property would be even less once you take into account the amount of time spent simply chatting to the person showing you around. So if we break it down, people are spending a few minutes in each room. This means that before you sell your house you must make sure that each room appears clean and clutter-free so that people can easily envisage themselves living there. To do this effectively we’d suggest that you:

  • Put bulky furniture into temporary storage.
  • Clean out all bins and make sure stacks of papers are hidden away.
  • Give the rooms in your house a lick of paint where needed.
  • Make sure the curtains are washed and that they are fully drawn back.
  • Give the floor a thorough hoover.
  • Cook something with a pleasant aroma to ensure every room smells lovely. This is one of the oldest estate agent tricks there is and it’s surprisingly effective!

If you do all of this over the course of a couple of weekends before you come to sell your home then it’s likely that you’ll have no trouble selling your home fast. As an online estate agent, we are also especially keen to stress the importance of having very good photos of your home, and the above changes will all help with this. So that’s our advice for those selling and if followed then you can be sure that you’ll get more enquiries coming through online and that you’ll be showing more people around your house. This should make for a much faster selling process.

We also have some tips for potential buyers who go along to view a property. Let’s imagine for a moment that you have been browsing all the properties for sale online with Sell My Home and that you arrange to go and view three the following weekend. If you quickly realise that you’ve stumbled across the home of your dreams you’ll need to:

  • Make sure you have all your mortgage details fully sorted.
  • Come to a decision in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Ask pertinent questions and try to understand a bit more about the vendors.

By doing this you can be sure that you’re in the best possible position to purchase the property as efficiently as is possible once you decide that it’s the one for you.

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