The House Crowd choose SellMyHome!

Published on are delighted to announce that we’ve been chosen as House Crowd Developments' primary selling portal

The property developers based in the North West are financed by their crowdfunding parent company, The House Crowd, who are a multi-award-winning, peer-to-peer lending platform available to investors.

Earlier this year, they successfully crowdfunded £1.2 million for the Egyptian Mill Development of 42 house and 15 apartments in Lees, in under 24 hours. Investors using their property development investment platform benefit from typical returns of ten per cent each year and fulfil a social good as many of the properties we build are part of the government’s Help to Buy: Shared Ownership scheme.

The new agreement sees two proptech firms partnering in the vertical supply chain, and it’s a great leap to connecting more aspiring homeowners to fantastic new properties throughout the North West, in what property experts predict to be a sustained period of growth and property investment opportunity.

Manchester boast 7% year-on-year growth in UK house price figures — London at 0.4%.
Manchester boast 7% year-on-year growth in UK house price figures — London at 0.4%.

House Crowd:

“The properties we develop in and around Manchester are very popular with investors and first-time buyers alike. This isn’t surprising. Looking at the latest UK house price figures, it appears the London property market has slowed somewhat. In 2018, prices in the area have only grown 0.4%, whereas prices nationwide are up 4.6% with Manchester boasting 7% year on year growth, according to the latest UK Cities House Price Index, from the property research firm Hometrack.” Frazer Fearnhead is CEO at peer to peer lending and property crowdfunding company, The House Crowd.

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