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It’s obvious to anyone that good first impressions of a property result in increased interest in it, which duly results in homes selling faster. What’s less obvious is that the changes necessary to ensure that your house gives off the right vibe can often be very minor and easy to do yourself over the course of a weekend. So with a little bit of imagination, a trip to B&Q and some elbow grease you can ensure that more people want to buy your home, which means you can ask more for it and that it will sell quicker once advertised on the internet.

We thought it worth showing you a very good example of a property which was – externally, at least – presented well which we spotted on the Mail Online. It was a beautiful mews house which Ronan Keating was thinking of buying in Belgravia, London – hence he was being shown round it by estate agents. Very briefly, on that point, the current owner of the property may be interested to know that viewings conducted by the vendor are more likely to ultimately result in a sale.

This is something which online estate agents like Sell My Home are always very keen to point out because it goes against the logic of some people. It’s not that surprising really, given that they’ll have an intimate knowledge of not just the property but also the local area and people. Indeed, recently conducted research which showed that 55% of Britons believed that they were the best equipped people to show others their home when it came to selling it. Only 21% of those interviewed (over 2000 people were) thought that normal estate agents could do a better job.

Anyway, back to this mews house, there were lots of small things which really made it immediately look like a pukka potential home to us. These include the following:

  • The most has been made of the small space available. Although there’s no front garden, they have crammed the edge of their home with pots and boxes filled with lush shrubs and climbers. They have also stuffed in topiary and creepers into the Juliet balconies as well as placing a bench against the wall. Combined, this gives the illusion of a front garden and it makes it appealing to look at.
  • They’ve hidden unsightly and smelly bins from the front of the house. This declutters the appearance of the front of the home which helps add to the overall wow factor it evidently has.
  • They’ve not parked their car right in front of the house. For a small property like this, it’s especially important that you don’t shrink the external appearance of it by parking a huge 4x4, or any other type of car for that matter, right outside the front door. The only exception we can think of would be if you wanted to sell the lifestyle aspect of your property, in which case a lovely classic car may help things!
  • They’ve made sure that the window frames and garage doors are looking in tip top condition.This is done by either sanding them and giving them a new lick of paint or just giving them a good scrub. Not only does this smarten it up, but it also better reflects light into the property.
  • They’ve cleaned the windows. This is such a simple thing to do but it makes such a big difference! On most homes this will be a £50 job which is incredibly reasonable given the effect it has.
  • They’ve tied down external wiring on the house. This is another simple thing to do and you just need a ladder and some rubber hooked nails to hand to do it. Try to do what they’ve done and guide the wire along the joints in the brick to disguise it. You can even go one step further and just give them a brush with some paint which matches the colour of the walls.
  • They have made sure that the attractively mirror finished alarm is visible. This automatically sends off the right signals to potential buyers as it indicates that the property is well cared for and protected.

On the Sell My Home website, we have further advice about how to present your property online which helps make sure that pretty much all our houses and flats for sale look at their very best. A good example is this charming 4 bedroom house for sale which we are currently marketing online. It’s located in Sittingbourne and because it sends out all the right impressions it’s easy for people to fall in love with.

So if you want to sell your house fast, dedicate a weekend to making it look superb before you come to advertise it and sell it online. It takes a bit of effort, but it should provide you with swift results which will make the whole process more pleasant.

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