Targeted Social Media Advertising for Properties

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First, there were for sale signs, then advertising in local newspapers, then the digital boom and Rightmove and Zoopla took over as the number one source for buyers (98% of buyers start their search online).

And now, finally, in 2016 we have taken property marketing to the next logical step: Social Media Advertising. We market your property to individuals with the most likely characteristics and demographics to be a buyer of your home:

We don’t just throw your property on Facebook and hope something sticks. We won’t be advertising a seven bedroom property in Darlington to a young couple living in London. Likewise we won’t advertise a one bed in South London to a family of five who live in Yorkshire.

So what do we do?

1.       We monitor users on our website who are looking at your property via Zoopla and Rightmove. These users have actively found your property and so we believe are therefore likely buyers of your home.

2.       We use computer code and cookies to analyse these people to create a profile consistent with that of your most likely buyer. This includes age, approximate income, location, interests, gender, lifestyle and much, much more.

3.       We feed this demographic profile into Facebook and use their very clever lookalike program to create an audience of people who are similar to our initial demographic profile. In this way we can identify a large audience of potential buyers for a property.

4.       We then advertise your property to this audience directly in their newsfeed so there's no escaping your property.

5.       We monitor these people and their interaction with your property. Do they spend a long time looking at it, do they enquire into it, or arrange a viewing?

6.       We then plug this data back into Facebook to further improve our demographic profile in what we call a feedback loop.

For more information please give the team a call on 0203 44 12345. 

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