The Power of Virtual Walkthrough: An Interview with Will Clark

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Our Director, Will Clark, has kindly agreed to sit down with us for a few minutes and discuss our partnership with Virtual Walkthrough and what it means to house sellers and buyers alike. From the technology itself, to its implementations and how it will affect the buying and selling process.

Will, can you explain exactly how the technology works?

“Not exactly, no, otherwise we’d be trying to do it ourselves! I do know though that they use a start-of-the-art 4K camera to photograph the inside and outside of a property. They then, and this is the magic part, map these photos together to create a 3D rendering of a property.”

What does that all mean?

“It means, that Virtual Walkthrough are able to recreate a property online. It’s very similar to Google Streetview but with no blur and less guerrilla advertising. It’s like being in a property without having to travel there.”

What does this mean for buyers?

“Buyers are able to really experience what a property is like rather than just see a series of photos or one of those goldfish-bowl virtual tours. The Virtual Walkthrough really helps provide a wonderful idea of a house, how it works, how it flows rather than just a snapshot of the best features.”

What does this mean for your vendors?

“We have found that buyers are much more knowledgeable about the house and first viewings are much more like second viewings as the buyers have much better expectations of what they will find. This means less upheaval for our vendors and better qualified buyers. There are a lot less carpet-treaders to use a dreadful estate agent term!”

Do you think this technology will remove the need for buyers to actually physically go and see a property before buying it?

“I don’t think that is the goal for this techonology. We would always recommend a buyer sees a property in the flesh before making such a life-changing decision. What this technology offers is a chance to gain a deep understanding of a property, to really get under its skin without having to travel. If you are comparing a Virtual Walkthrough to what the traditional high street agents offer with their floorplans and photos it really is chalk and cheese.”

“For those that are looking to buy in a different area, for example if you are forced to relocate for work, it can be a great way to get a feel for properties in the area without leaving your own home. You can then narrow down your search criteria and make every viewing much more valuable and waste less of your time.”

If you could sum up what Virtual Walkthrough means to you in one idea what would it be?

“Transparency. A Virtual Walkthrough provides transparency for buyers and transparency for vendors. A buyer wants to know as much as possible about a property before heading out to see it whilst vendors want potential buyers that do come and visit to be worthwhile and not time wasters who have been deceived by misleading photographs. Improving information for buyers helps manage expectations and makes match making-between homes and buyers a more straightforward process. And really, that’s what everyone wants.”

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