​The #VillageLondon project: the rise and rise of the London Village

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In the modern world, we want everything. We want our slice of country life with a sprinkling of urban grit, and we want it now. The modern consumer is more demanding than ever, and rightly so. They want their dream house, not a substitute. And when it comes to estate agents they don't want to pay unnecessary fees. London is at the centre of our 'you can have it all' culture, and it's the idea of #VillageLondon that we believe is at the heart of modern living in the capital and a phenomenon that makes London that extra bit special.

Explosion of village culture

The Big Smoke has always been made up of districts or neighbourhoods with their own character but the idea of the London Village is something that has really drawn the imagination of the public and become an important of part of the culture of being a Londoner. Well-established villages like Primrose Hill and Hampstead Village have provided a blueprint which areas as diverse as Parsons Green, Dulwich, Stoke Newington and Peckham have followed. And now, new areas are taking this ideal and running with it. A world of discovery is out there for all who want to find the next #LondonVillage.

This model traditionally consists of places with open green spaces, independent shops, the weekend farmer's market, busy high streets, good schools and like minded young families. A Zoopla study looked at 24 London Villages and found that these London villages commanded 51 % premiums. The figures, published last year, showed that while the average value of a London property is £456,802, those in sought-after London Villages cost closer to £691,046.

Explore #VillageLondon

At SellMyHome.co.uk and RentMyHome.co.uk,‎ we want to explore the concept of #VillageLondon. Our ambition is to find the new villages that are starting to develop, visit as many of these areas and get an understanding from the people that live and work in them how the area has changed, mapping the spread of #VillageLondon across the capital. This is not about those established London villages, like Marylebone, Mayfair and Hampstead, but new areas, new communities which will make up the next crop of London villages.

"It's really important to us an online estate agent that we go and out and understand the dynamics and impact #VillageLondon culture is having on everyone who lives in the capital," said Will Clark, CEO of The MyHomeGroup. "We are going to talk to people at the heart of all these communities in the capital, from artisans and craftsmen to health workers and policeman because we want to better understand how communities are changing in London. This needs to include the impact village culture is having on relationships and people, not just house prices. And hopefully along the way, while we explore, we can unearth some new hidden gems for buyers across the market. Let's explore #VillageLondon culture and understand exactly what this means for the people that live within it everyday."

Each week across SellMyHome.co.uk and RentMyHome.co.uk we will be bringing you an interview with a member of one of London's villages. It could be a butcher in Peckham, a carpenter from Dalston or a baker from Fulham, but every week we are going to showcase a different village across the capital and understand exactly what the locals think and how it has developed over the last few years. You never know we might uncover the area of your dreams. At the very least, we are going to understand better what makes London and Londonders tick. Join us as we explore #VillageLondon.

What London Village do you live in? Tell us what makes it special and share your pictures and local stories.

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